Mini Adventures

As I’m careering swiftly to 30, I’ve become very aware of how much living I’m still afraid to do. Inside my head is this exciting world where I run the place and kick ass… but in reality, I still get nervous calling to order a pizza.

The idea of suddenly moving from this me, to the great swashbuckling (yes, I’m a pirate in my head), mountain climbing daredevil me looks absolutely terrifying. So I decided baby steps were in order! Some of you might look at some of the activities on here and think they are no big deal. Awesome! I’m looking forward to feeling the same way about hem sometime! Right now, managing to do anything new, outside my comfort zone and that is a little bit difficult, is actually pretty damn good. And when I think about it, I’ve already started trying to do just that. So here is the start of my little scrap book.

Mini Adventure 1: Complete a Marathon


In 2016 I managed to do 5 charity walks, ranging from 10k to a full 26 miles which I managed in September, on the Shine Night Walk. I honestly never thought I would manage a marathon (let alone at night, in London. Scary!) and the weeks coming up to it when I knew damn well I hadn’t trained enough, I had a lot of work to do and I was just generally scared, I was millimeters away from backing out.

I would have regretted that for a long time. I’ve backed out of a lot of things I was almost brave enough to do in 29 years. Every morning now (when I’m doing my hair), I look at my little collection of medals and I get a teeny weeny jolt of pride. I really like that jolt.


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