I joined a gym!

Mini Adventure 2: Join a gym

Yes, oh yes! I… Leanne ‘I’ve never set foot in a gym’ Kenyon actually joined a gym. And far more impressive than that… I’ve actually gone 🙂

This feat had so many layers of fear for me, most of them completely irrational, but it’s kept me from going for years (so has my fake pride). So just before Christmas, I signed up to the gym at work, and on a nice quiet day in the holidays, I forced myself to actually turn up. I know plenty of people will not see how this is a big deal, but again, this blog is all about what is a big deal for me. And this is most definitely one of the biggies. You can also tell that as I was too scared to take a picture actually in the gym…

Fear number 1: Changing in front of people… Seriously what is the etiquette with boobs?

Fear number 2: Falling off a machine… check! Cross trainers are hard. Turns out though, gyms aren’t playgrounds with all the 14 year old’s that didn’t like me, and no one pointed and laughed. In fact most people didn’t notice, and the person nearest me just asked if I was alright. Like normal people do.

Fear number 3: Gorgeous people… All staring and jeering at me, standing out in my freakishly average, dull looking ways… except like everywhere in life, there is a mix. Some people are gorgeous, some people are dull, and none of them give a shit what I look like on a treadmill.

Fear number 4: Public showering… Aaaaaahhhhhh! Being actually naked?! And wet?! And what about my hair?! But I timed it right and no one else was in there and I did it (like the grown up I’ve been for 12 years). And if I just keep doing it, it gets easier and easier.squash

I’ve now even started playing squash, which is a lot of fun and I’m going to start joining in with group classes – I might even get around to talking to other people at some point, you never know!


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