My thumb’s still shaking…

Mini Adventure 3: I Quad now… yeah, I’m just that cool.

No, it’s cool, I’m not actually pooping myself in that picture (and they did actually let me go on a grown up bike! Needed a kids helmet though…).

So we’re out in the depths of Wales for a pleasant Bank Holiday seaside weekend, and bang, out of nowhere… “I found this quad bike place, we should go!” Two days I’ve been oscillating between ‘omg, omg don’t make me’ & ‘yeah! Totes! Badass! & ‘noooo I can’t I have a tummy ache’ before finally, this morning I just commit. Still making up excuses in my head all day, but refusing to verbalise them, we turn up, get on the gear and they make me set off first!! 😵 In front of 6 boys, who know what they’re doing, revving away, and I pootle round the little practice track trying to figure out how much gas the gas gasses.

But off we pop on the proper trail. It’s all fine, getting kinda used to it all, THEN he tells us that was the warm up! And we went actual off road!

My arms ache, and my thumb is still shaking, and I crashed into a tree once, and the brake didn’t strictly work but… felt BADDASS! I imagine it didn’t quite look it, but who cares, I went on a Quad bike, so now I’m a baddass. That’s the rules. I looked it up.

I honestly can’t wait to go again. Not sure it’s one that’ll turn into a full blown hobby, but definitely a fun day out I’ll no longer be crapping myself about before hand 🤗. One more fear down.


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